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Growing up in Belgium, singer-songwriter INA ROSE was exposed to country music through her father's hobby of building speakers. While it was at home where she discovered artists such as Shania Twain and Alison Krauss, it was a set of road trips through the open heartland of America that sparked something new and exciting within her. As she got older, her love for country music grew stronger.


With an approach that is heartfelt and authentic, yet still innovative, INA ROSE’s music connects with audiences due to her knack for telling honest tales:


"I love stories that are being told through music.
The instruments used in country and bluegrass cut right 
through my soul. It's raw, pure, and emotional.”

In contrast to her first EP Sound of Love, which explored many country/folk singer-songwriter elements, INA ROSE is currently working on a sophomore EP that will bridge traditional and modern country music. The first singles 'Look Down On Me' and 'Closer' are out now! 

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